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Commercial Roll delivered customized side rails for this European designed precision conveyor system.

Every step of the way it required high levels of quality checking and fixtures to execute the many specialized production techniques implemented into this project.

Additionally a very select grade of material was required to produce part consistently.

The inputs from CRFP has allowed placement of these conveyor systems Globally across numerous industries.


Commercial Roll was able to illustrate several key strengths of the business with this one project: The client required:

  • Large volume production

  • Short lead-times to service multiple projects throughout the North American market.

  • Flexible tooling to accommodate custom part designs required to meet unique project situations

By working collaboratively, CRFP exceeded expectations and allowed the client the ability to scale their business with confidence.


The customer required a very specific profile be used to build this unique and advanced material handling system.

Quality and part consistency was key to allow fabrication on our automated robotic welding machinery. CRFP was able to deliver a strong, precision product to allow this complex system the ability to perform in a variety of warehousing situations.


CRFP offers a diverse range of Cable Tray and Strut Suspension systems that has allowed integration into customized automation systems of all kinds. All components are CSA certified so the client can install with confidence and order specifically to the projects unique needs.


One of the office equipment giants looks to Commercial Roll to assist in constantly elevating their product offering. They have built a trust in our consistency and high levels of precision and know we will meet their tight tolerance requirements. 

Recently they presented a part requiring a 60 Pass Roll Former to produce a very complex profile. In addition to the complexity of the forming, multiple in-line punches and spot welds were also required in the same component.

The finest German roll form machinery was used to deliver this world-class product.

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